Helping develop renewable energy

The least polluting and least expensive source of energy is one that is not consumed. Nexans encourages the development of renewable energy by making it easier to generate and plug in to the network.

Renewable energies development

Nexans encourages the development of renewable energy and the production and distribution of greener electricity.
In particular, Nexans provides all of the cables needed for wind and solar energy generation.

Windlink® will blow you away

For both onshore and offshore wind turbines of all sizes, Windlink® offers a full array of cabling solutions, including power cables, control cables, special cables and accessories. Compact connectors enable the cables to be installed in record time without any specific equipment. The performance and reliability of Windlink® cables help to ensure the safe generation of electricity despite changing and often harsh weather conditions.

KEYLIOS™, a wide range of reliable cable solutions for quality and performance

Nexans’ widely-recognized KEYLIOS™ solutions can outfit a complete solar installation, assuring that all elements are fully interoperable and compatible.

We produce every cable that could be used for residential, commercial or solar farm: from photovoltaic LV cables to copper/aluminum power cables. And we provide special halogen-free cables for secure rooftop installations, silicone cables to meet the challenge of desert or cold environments, and earth/ground cables to guard against short circuits and fires.
Nexans is dedicated to offering fast delivery and support around the world.

Beyond KEYLIOS™ cable, Nexans is unique in being able to add a number of essential services for solar players: from monitoring and control services through Intelligent Internet Gateways to Life Cycle Assessment and Simulation to design the right architecture.