Innovative Cables for Energy resources and Mining

Reinforced ground-check conductors for safer mining

The weakest link in the chain or cable is a place to start innovating. Fix that vulnerable point and you add value.


Eco-friendly cables for petrochemicals

The green concerns of our customers often stimulate us to use proven knowhow to develop new solutions.


Going with the wind

When our clients decide to raise the bar on cable specifications, tough testing can lead to new breakthroughs.


Darkness at noon

Innovations often breed new innovations. What we learned with fluorescent cables inspired us to create a new reflective mining cable.


Giant UNIWEMA® for king-sized corrugated tubes

When your customer starts thinking big, you have to start thinking big, too, especially in terms of innovation.


Cracking is no joke

A customer complaint, rather than being disruptive, often serves as a springboard for achieving a safer, better product.


Nexans launches HYPRON®, a new environmentally friendly alternative to lead-sheathed cables for onshore oil and gas installations


Nexans has developed its new HYPRON® range to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to lead-sheathed cables for onshore power, control and instrumentation applications in the oil and gas industry.


Nexans launches new compact connectors for wind turbine applications


Nexans Euromold tee-shaped connectors are designed for use with compact switchgear to make optimum use of limited installation space.


Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer

Meeting customer demand for a cable that could glow in the dark required perseverance and intuition.


Nexans introduces new fiber switch model for wind turbines


iSwitch G 1043E joins WINDLINK®, a range of high-performance solutions for wind turbines.


Nexans launches ICEFLEX®

The first halogen free marine & offshore full range cable to resist ultra-cold Arctic temperatures down to – 50°