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Market challenges

Since the 1970s, high-voltage power lines have been buried in urban, rural and industrial sites. Today, there are a growing number of projects with segments of underground transmission lines in the 60-550 kV range.

Many factors favor underground solutions: regulatory issues, public demand due to electromagnetic impact, aesthetic concerns, the narrowing gap between underground and aerial construction costs, and a new generation of safe and reliable cables.

Installing underground transmission lines requires a host of competencies in a cable manufacturer to serve the complex demands of utilities, contractors and installers

Some of the challenges and concerns you are faced with :Environment friendly

  • Growing power demand and need to upgrade or replace existing equipment
  • Integrating renewables, distances between producers and consumers
  • Congested areas and limited rights of way
  • Efficiency & reliability of the network
  • Deregulation is pushing for more interconnections and monitoring of the network
  • Highest safety standards & products that are environment friendly


Meeting Your Needs

Every high voltage project is unique, thus the cable design needs to meet different requirements.  We offer copper or aluminum conductors with lead sheath, copper wire/aluminum sheath, copper wire/lead sheath, copper wire/copper sheath, 69 kV to 500 kV, up to 5,000 kcmil to meet your cable needs.

New Cross Section

High-Tech Manufacturing

The cables consist of a stranded copper or aluminum conductor with an extruded insulation system. Our extrusion lines are equipped with triple heads, which allows for simultaneous application of the insulation and the two semi-conductive layers.

In all lines, incoming materials are kept and handled in completely super clean and closed systems and the curing is always done under dry process. After the reticulation, particular care is taken on the degassing process. The cable is then further protected by a metallic shield and an outer sheath.  Extra-large payoffs and take-ups allows for the manufacturing of long cable lengths.

On-Site Testing

All of our cables are routine tested in our facility.  Cables manufactured by Nexans High Voltage USA Inc are qualified in accordance to international standards: IEC 62067, AEIC CS9.  Qualification standards or client particular technical specifications may also be performed.

Accessories and Installation

Experienced installation technicians are available, with special splicing and erecting tools, for supervision, erection, and site testing.

Nexans provides a wide range of in-house manufactured accessories needed to connect the power cable to the network via the substations or overhead and underground connections:

  • Outdoor terminations with porcelain or composite insulators
  • GIS SF6 and transformer terminations
  • Grounding link boxes
  • Pre-moulded splices
  • Clamps
  • Fixtures and more…

Installation Team


Nexans has an experienced team of engineers that are available to design a unique solution to meet your application requirements.  

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