The Skagerrak projects

38 years of reliable connections

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Skagerrak-1-2 w120Project description:

  • The first two Skagerrak cables were laid in 1976 as the very first subsea cable project between countries.
  • This pioneering project formed the basis for the establishment of Nexans' subsea cable factory in Halden.
  • Cable number 3was installed in 1993.


Customer challenges:

  • Both Denmark and Norway need an improvement in the export opportunities for renewable energy (especially hydropower), which is produced in Norway, and also want to stimulate increased wind power production in Denmark.
  • There is an increased need to be able to exchange environmentally-friendly power between the countries in the joint Nordic power market.



Nexans' solutions:

  • Skagerrak 1 and 2 are 250 kV systems, while Skagerrak 3 is 350 kV. For the three cables, overhead lines run from Stølen transformer station at Vennesla to the coast at Kristiansand; there are then approximately 125 km of subsea cables to Bulbjerg, and overhead lines southwards to Tjele transformer station in Jutland.
  • Transport and installation for all 3 cable projects was planned and executed using C/S Nexans Skagerrak. Protection work was carried out by use of Nexans’ Capjet system.