Copper Rod Metallurgy

From 8mm to 20mm

NEXANS Canada Inc. has been producing copper rod at its Montreal East facility for over 80 years. Since its start as a hot bar mill in 1931, and its modernization as a continuous cast mill in 1982, the Montreal East facility has supplied over 6.0 million tonnes of copper rod to its customers.
Nexans Copper Rod In 1981, a Hazelett-Krupp continuous casting and rolling mill was built to replace the ageing hot bar mill. This new technology assured NEXANS Canada Inc. a position in the world market as a supplier of high quality copper rod.

The continuous cast rod mill operates at a rate of 50 tonnes/hour. Since its start-up in 1982, the mill has been continuously upgraded to improve the reliability of the process, increase the skills of its personnel, and meet the increasingly demanding quality requirements of its customers.

NEXANS Canada Inc. supplies wire and cable manufacturers in Canada, and exports to the United States and around the world.
The rod mill’s customers use the rod in the most demanding applications. Nexans rod has demonstrated its performance in magnet wire, in-line tandem data wire, and multi-wire processes.

NEXANS Canada Inc. is located next to the Glencore -  CCR refinery, which assures a reliable and high quality supply of copper cathode. Only high grade copper is fed to the process. NEXANS rod exceeds the requirements of ASTM B49 for high grade copper rod, C11040. NEXANS rod meets also European standard EN 1977 for copper rod.

NEXANS operates within a total quality environment which stresses continuous improvement of its process and its personnel. NEXANS rod mill quality management system is certified to ISO-9001-2008.


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