Contribute to environmental performance of our customers

Development, quality of life, and energy and electricity consumption are connected. With economic growth and population increase, global energy consumption is expected to double by 2030. This represents a major challenge: how do we meet this very high demand and also mitigate its impact on the environment? Nexans helps its customers face these challenges in every market and every business area.

Nexans works hard to respond to its customers’ concerns regarding sustainable development.

These concerns have three dimensions:

  • economic, because sustainable development involves optimizing energy consumption and ensuring that installations and equipment are energy efficient ;
  • social, because projects must respond to the need for increased mobility of people and goods in emerging countries, encourage access to electricity to ensure users’ quality of life and meet security requirements in every market ;
  • environmental, in limiting the environmental impact, optimizing energy consumption and encouraging the development of renewable energy.

Nexans develops cables, cabling systems, and network monitoring and control solutions that:

  • ensure the transport and distribution of electricity using reliable, high-performance energy infrastructure networks
  • exploit offshore oil and gas deposits that are increasingly deeper and hard-to-reach
  • encourage the development of sustainable buildings and help them operate safely
  • optimize the energy efficiency of data centers
  • make access to electricity easier for isolated or disadvantaged populations
  • promote the development of renewable sources of energy, especially wind and solar energy.