Nexans cables have supported NASA’s space rovers since 2004

Control, signal and power cables have given life to Spirit and Opportunity.

Did you know Nexans has cables that are in outer space? It’s true. In fact, 90% of the control, signal and power cables in NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity Mars exploration rovers were supplied by Nexans.

These cables were manufactured in North Carolina and are made of protective fluoropolymer and polymide materials capable of protecting the rovers from harsh conditions, including the -105°C (-157°F) frigid temperatures on Mars.

After being sent to the red planet in 2004, Spirit was functional until 2010, and Opportunity still remains active, exceeding its initial operating plan by 14 years.

In addition to the Mars rovers, Nexans cables have been used for a wide variety of scientific mission satellites and telecommunication satellites, bringing energy to life all around our solar system.