Nexans’ new BUFLEX XPREM’s innovative cable solution boosts crane performance and durability

Thanks to its thinner and lightweight polyurethane sheath, the BUFLEX X’PREM reeling cable reduces weight and increases abrasion resistance enhancing productivity of crane operators and OEMs.

Paris, October 11, 2007 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, has further extended its BUFLEX range of polyurethane sheathed reeling energy cables with the addition of BUFLEX X’PREM, designed to boost the performance and durability of cranes operating at high speeds of up to 150 metres/minute in general industrial and port and terminal applications. In stringent laboratory tests, BUFLEX X’PREM has shown that it can increase cable lifetime substantially, compared with conventional reeling cables.

BUFLEX X’PREM’s new design greatly improves the cable in terms of traction and durability, without needing to increase its size. The thinner and lightweight polyurethane sheath BUFLEX X’PREM can offer similar performance as standard rubber sheathed reeling cables, but within a smaller overall diameter and enhanced abrasion resistance. This enables crane operators and OEMs to utilise smaller motorised reels to achieve equal or superior productivity, possibly even with lower powered motors.

Buflex XpremLow and medium voltage versions

BUFLEX X’PREM is available in both a low-voltage, yellow version, for applications up to 1kV, such as in the general industrial crane market and a medium-voltage, red or black, version for applications from 6kV to 20 kV in ports and terminals. In addition, copper twisted pair cables or optical fibres can be integrated within the cable to combine advanced control solutions with the crane power supply.

Developed by Nexans Handling Cables Application Centre

Nexans developed BUFLEX X’PREM in its dedicated Handling Cables Application Centre in Lyon, France, where it was subjected to a battery of tests to prove its performance under severe operating conditions such as rapid acceleration and high tensile loads. On the reeling test, BUFLEX X’PREM exceeded 10 times the amount of test cycles with no significant deformation, compared with standard cables.

With the introduction of BUFLEX X’PREM, in conjunction with its existing polyurethane sheathed and rubber sheathed cable ranges, Nexans is now uniquely placed to meet the needs of virtually any reeling cable application.

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