Nexans introduces Alsecure® Premium, the next-generation fire-resistant cable

Specifically designed for fire safety systems (alarms, fire detection, emergency lighting, power supplies for smoke extraction systems…), Alsecure® Premium offers new properties which make it easy to handle and install.

Paris, April 05, 2011 – Nexans, a worldwide leading expert in the cable industry, is introducing Alsecure® Premium, its range of next-generation CR1-C1 fire-resistant cables. Incorporating the INFIT™ polymer technology developed by Nexans’ R&D engineers, the new Alsecure® Premium cable ensures maximum safety for people and property and provides a high-performance solution for maintaining the integrity of Fire Safety Systems (FSS), especially in office complexes, industrial sites and all public and commercial buildings.

Nexans introduces Alsecure® Premium, the next-generation fire-resistant cableThanks to the innovative INFIT™ technology, Alsecure® Premium is both stronger and more flexible than traditional fire-resistant cables. Its mechanical strength is around three time better, enabling Alsecure® Premium to resist the high tensile and crushing stresses encountered during installation and pulling operations to ensure a durable and long-lasting installation. In addition, the lower bending radius means that the new generation cable can go around tight corners and fit it into confined spaces. Furthermore, the increased hardness means that the cable will not be crushed during installation, avoiding damage to the insulation and reducing even further the possibility of a short-circuit and premature system failure.

Nexans-patented INFIT™ technology

INFIT™ is a Nexans state-of-the-art generic polymer technology, which draws on the latest materials science to optimize the structure and cohesion of the cable insulation during a fire.  It combines the rigid and easy-to-handle surface of traditional XLPE/mica cables with the strippability and ease of installation of flexible silicone-rubber cables. In the event of a fire, INFIT™ ceramifies, transforming the insulation from a flexible, plastic covering to a tough ceramic layer to assure circuit integrity (i.e. no breaks or short circuits).

The Alsecure® Premium cable is already available in France, Switzerland and Australia.

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