Innovative sponsorship for a monumental Canvas

Scaffolding will envelope the palace of Versailles' Royal Courtyard until June 2012 as the roof and main building undergo restoration. The Palace of Versailles wrapped this over-1,000m2 structure to welcome visitors with a monumental, artistic and surprising sight that shows the architecture and gardens off to their best advantage.

Scaffolding Nexans in the Palace of VersaillesNexans, a Palace of Versailles benefactor since 2007 and a global cable expert, sponsored this creation, thereby participating in the promotion of the campaign to adopt trees, benches and statues on the grounds of Versailles.

Athem offered to contribute its skills by designing the work free of charge as part of the sponsorship. The exact reproduction of the palace's façade with a trompe-l'œil image of the grounds of Versailles in the background takes visitors by surprise in a place where they expect to see stone instead of greenery. The architecture acts as a screen and reveals nothing of the gardens, from the grand perspectives formed by the linden trees to the groves' controlled nature, where vases, sculpture groups and statues made by the 17th-century's greatest artists dialogue with stone and marble benches.

Visual artist Pierre Delavie wanted this ephemeral work to reintroduce nature into the heart of the palace's architecture by bringing Versailles' two faces – the courtyard side and the garden side – together in a single, dreamlike image.

"I am glad Nexans can again help the Etablissement public de Versailles modernise the palace and grounds, thereby contributing to its radiance worldwide," Nexans Chairman and CEO Frédéric Vincent said about the project. "What's more, I am sure that associating our group's name with an unprecedented, original work will be an additional source of pride for all our employees."

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