KINOPTIC extends reach into the network and lowers costs

Gold sponsors at this year’s FTTH Council Conference, Nexans will present its enhanced KINOPTIC™ brand and three workshops

Paris, February 15, 2012 – Nexans, a worldwide expert in the cable industry, is using its presence at this year’s FTTH Council Conference and exhibition to highlight its extended KINOPTIC™ brand of end-to-end turnkey FTTH solutions. It will also host various workshops at the conference that demonstrate more efficient and cost-effective ways of deploying fibre to the home.

KINOPTIC – smart individual solutions to build an end-to-end network

KINOPTIC extends reach into the network and lowers costsThe KINOPTIC™ brand was launched last March to enable network operators and installers to easily meet all the needs of their FTTH deployments in multi-dwelling units (e.g. homes). It achieves this through a cleverly designed subscriber terminal outlet kit and by combining this with a pre-terminated cable and a pre-fitted user outlet in ‘ready-to-unroll’ packaging – therefore simplifying installation.

Since then, the brand offering has expanded and solutions have been designed for various locations on the network. Flexibility is a key trait of the brand and it now includes solutions for the central office, the distribution network and subscriber premises.

The type of KINOPTIC™ solution that is chosen by operators and installers depends on the field configuration and the type of cable laying technique required to fit the cable. For instance, some cables are either pulled, blowed or extracted during installation.

In addition to this, because of the way the range has been designed, the operator and installer can select the exact solutions they need to be fitted across the FTTH network - and at every stage of the installation - right through to the subscriber’s home.

Further benefits of using KINOPTIC™ include: CAPEX savings and OPEX optimisation; quick and easy deployment; flexibility to adapt to their environment in the field; and a brand that respects the aesthetics of people’s homes and private areas;

“The KINOPTIC range, demonstrates how Nexans takes advantage of its broad industrial knowledge and expertise across various fields to innovate and develop a complete solution that serves the market’s needs,” says Xavier RENARD, Nexans Interface Product & Marketing Department Manager. “It includes all the necessary cables and accessories required to easily and quickly deliver an FTTH solution to network operators and installers.”

Nexans’ workshops at the conference

Nexans will present three workshops at FTTH (synopses below):

  • Renewable links in MDU FTTH cabling (Tuesday, 14 February)
  • Smart packaging for FTTH roll out (Tuesday, 14 February)
  • Potentials and synergies for DNOs in energy telecommunication network enlargement activities – creating backbones and access routes for FTTH (Thursday, 16 February)

Notes to editors

Speaker synopses:

Renewable links in MDU FTTH cabling

Today, extraction techniques to deploy FTTH inside a building are so widely used and bring so many capex savings, that it is difficult to imagine not using them. Smart procedures and smart packagings add CAPEX efficiency, but what is their impact on the maintainability? To answer, it is necessary to identify the weak points of the fibre network. What are the causes and the statistics of failure in the MDU? What are the impacts on the existing passive infrastructure, and how to deal with them? How do you take advantage of well-known techniques to rebuild the optical link?

Smart packaging for FTTH roll out

Roll-out speed has a significant impact when it comes to speeding up return of investment in FTTH projects. Cables and components that are easy to handle and install are, of course, of vital importance. In addition, smart packaging of these products will play an important part in reducing the time of installation and the time of presence at the subscriber's site. Furthermore "packaging" of connectors, patchcords and pigtails is another vital issue when it comes to cable management at the distribution points. This presentation will review some new ideas and innovative techniques that aim to bring such improvements.

Potentials and synergies for DNOs in energy telecommunication network enlargement activities

A lot of investments are performed within the energy distribution network, due to increased and also decentralized energy generation. Besides new smart-applications, a rising request for increased energy network management and enlargement of the information grid can be recognized. On the one hand DNOs start to create their own backbone and FTTH structure, offering (by themselves) new services to the households. On the other hand, many DNOs stick to their core competence and only focus on energy distribution. In any case the DNOs are capable of supporting FTTH implementations by creating synergies within their network installation activities. They can provide direct and cost efficient access to the households and create hidden reserves for themselves in the future, providing FTTH activities an attractive environment.

Within the presentation Nexans will talk about the midterm perspective of the distribution network activities. This will be linked to the possibilities for a DNO to create their own communication backbone across their energy cable installations.

Respectively, giving telecommunication companies the opportunity to harmonize actions and find synergies. How do I get cost efficient access to the households, even though I don’t know today, if there are any new fibre optic cable needs for a certain household section? This, among other questions, is considered, while trying to outline the existing opportunity for DNOs and pure telecommunication network operators to participate and harmonize actions in this process and push FTTH process.

FTTH Conference
14-16 February 2012
Munich, Germany
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