Nexans supports customers’ automation challenges with the launch of its new Motionline® hybrid cables at SPS IPC Drives

Hybrid cable solutions combine separate power, data and signal transmission functions into a single cable that makes interconnection and installation of automation equipment faster, easier and more flexible

Paris, November 27, 2012 – Nexans, a worldwide expert in the cable industry, has strengthened its Motionline® automation brand with the launch of its sophisticated, high-tech hybrid cable solutions that integrate individual power, data and signal transmission functions within a single cable. The new hybrid cables offer an innovative approach to the interconnection of automation equipment that provides a neat, space-saving installation that is both faster and easier than using individual cables for each function as well as ensuring additional flexibility for future reconfiguration and expansion projects.

Nexans supports customers’ automation challenges with the launch of its new Motionline® hybrid cables at SPS IPC DrivesWhat is a hybrid cable?

Nexans’ new hybrid cables comprise a power cable as well as at least one other key automation application within a single cable cross-section. For example, the cable could comprise a power cable and one or more of the following applications: signal, bus, sensor, control and POF (plastic optical fibres) cables.

Hybrid cables save costs and improve installation efficiency

The traditional approach to the installation of automation equipment, such as servo motors or robots, is to use individual cables for each power, data and signal transmission connection between the control cabinet and the unit. This approach is time-consuming and when there is a need to add additional units further cabling is necessary, additional plugs and sockets may also need to be mounted on the cabinet.

The use of BUS-cables has already reduced this cable work by offering easy connection of each active component. Now, with the introduction of hybrid cables, Nexans is taking the BUS-cable concept to the next level. 

Replacing a typical ‘star’ configuration, in which each automation unit is clustered around the control cabinet, with a de-centralized ‘loop’ or ‘daisy-chain’ configuration that connects the units to each other creates a simple system which is less time consuming in installation. It is also easy to expand as the new unit is simply plugged into one of the existing units.

Hybrid cable design

Due to the wide variety of potential applications, the hybrid cables are not available off the-shelf. Nexans will provide a customized solution for every installation, however every cable will comprise the following basic elements: data transmission;  power conductors and a protective conductor; signalling elements. The cables are  designed for protection against EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) sheath is recommended to ensure resistance against the various potentially damaging liquids and substances found in automation applications.

Nexans has successfully developed and tested a hybrid cable capable of carrying 28 A on each 4 mm2 power core.

Connectors are integral to a total system approach

Choice of the optimum connector is crucial to the success of any hybrid cable installation. As part of its total systems approach, Nexans has partnered with Intercontec to develop a new generation of versatile hybrid connectors.

The Motionline® brand

Nexans’ Motionline® brand cables comprise a range of cable solutions that has been developed specifically to deliver high-performance and total reliability in a wide variety of control chain, bus, sensor and robotic automation applications.

The hybrid cables were developed at the Nexans MAC (Motion Application Centre) in Nuremberg and are manufactured at the factory on the same site.

SPS IPC Drives 2012
27 – 29 November 2012 
Nuremberg, Germany
Hall 5 / Stand 130

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