GG45 standard ratified by IEC

Standardization committee supports unanimously the Cat. 7 Interface from Nexans

Paris, April 17, 2002 � By March 22nd, the Connector committee SC488 within the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) had to finally vote on the connector proposal from Nexans GG45. The committee voted 100% positive and the standard IEC 60603-7-7 will be published within the next 3 months.

IEC 60603-7-7: Connectors for use in D.C. Low Frequency analogue and in digital high speed data applications: Part 7-7: 8 way connectors for frequencies up to 600 MHz (Category 7 Detail Specification).

We are impressed with the broad international support and appreciates the unanimous approval from all countries. We believe this is indisputable support of its vision of "next generation cabling� said Pascal Portevin President of Nexans� Telecom Division.

In August last year the standardization committee for building communication cabling, ISO SC25/WG3, has already chosen GG45 as the interface for Class F cabling systems to ensure backwards compatibility for the high end class of data communication infrastructures.

IEC 60603-7-7 defines a backwards-compatible 600 MHz connector which supports a new high speed interface for Cat. 7 transmission as well as the traditional interface RJ45 for lower speed applications. Besides the 2 transmission paths, the connector contains a switch mechanism, which is activated by a corresponding plug. Backwards compatibility enables enterprises to install today a new 600 MHz infrastructure that is also compatible with the widely used current classes of RJ45 connectors in existing PC's and data-switches.

Since the standard has been finally settled now, end-users who invest into backwards-compatible Cat. 7 connectivity are secured to get a non-proprietary solution with guaranteed interoperable plugs and connectors from multiple vendors.

IEC 60603-7-7 has to be viewed together with a second standard which also describes the 600 MHz interface but in a non backwards compatible form. The split of the documents was made to reach a clear structure: IEC 60603-7-7 describes switched and backwards compatible products. IEC 61076-3-110 describes the non switched products. Both standards use the identical interface definition for 600 MHz. IEC PAS61076-3-110 is already publicly available.

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