Nexans reinforces its position as supplier for Siemens Worldwide in transposed cables

Paris, February 6, 2001 -  Nexans, through its enamel insulated wire product line - n° 1 in the world in this activity sector, signed a contract with Siemens for 15.8 million Euros* to provide transposed cables in 2001/2002.

Continuously transposed cables (CTC) consist of a number of flat rectangular, film insulated copper conductors made into an assembly. Conventional transposed cables are over-wrapped with layers of insultating paper.

This product is mainly used in power transformers and allows their dimensions to be reduced considerably, especially in low voltage transformers.

Nexans produces over 160,000 tons of enamel insulated wires yearly in 11 production units on three continents. As the top producer in this activity sector in Europe, a substantial presence in North America where Nexans positions itself between the top 4 producers, Nexans is also in China, where it has a new factory, which makes it the only producer to cover the whole chain of production:  from metal casting to the manufacture of a complete range of magnet wire. Nexans also manufactures and assembles its own machines.

Enamel insulated wire supplies eight industrial sectors: automobile, television and computer monitor screens, electrical appliances, lighting, pumps and circulators, electrical tools, transformers, generators and industrial motors. 

*including the copper price

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