Nexans is in the top 50 Most Innovative Companies in France

The INPI (National Institute of the Intellectual property - France) has just published its list of the top French companies having the most patents published in 2010. At Nexans, we are very proud to be in the top 50 applicants (#35 specifically).  The average time from application to completion for a patent is 18 months, so we are just realizing the benefits of these technological advances.

These focused efforts in Research and Development will continue to benefit Nexans because during the period of 2010-2011, Nexans submitted more than 140 patent applications. Nexans’ goal is to submit at least 70 patent applications  per year so we continually accelerate implementation of new technologies and offer our customers superior innovation in our products and services.

Worldwide, Nexans holds a total of 2,600 patents and applies for an average of 70 patents per year globally.

Here are some examples of our patented technology: 

  • Small is beautifulToday’s datacenters are increasingly filled with cables. To meet the demand for capacity, compactness and flexibility, Nexans patented a multi-pair Cat 6A backbone cable which fits into tight corners and reduces crosstalk : Small is beautiful 
  • Nexans created a device that combines a sensor and other electrical components on a printed-circuit board:  A self-protective sensor

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