Our 100th Anniversary


On February 11th, 2011 Nexans will proudly celebrate 100 years in business.

One hundred years ago, with the construction of the first Hydro Generating plant in Niagara Falls, the requirement existed to bring this new found source of energy to Southern Ontario.  Five entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity and had the foresight to invest to meet this requirement, so Canada Wire & Cable was created and the story began.

One hundred years later, this has grown to become part of Nexans, a world-wide organization of 23,000 involved in all aspects of the wire and cable market.  However, the same principles that created the company, vision, customer focus and operational excellence continue to flourish to this day.

So we now join a very select group of companies as we celebrate our 100th anniversary. Not many companies achieve this milestone, and those that do all have the same characteristics: an ability to innovate to keep providing relevant products, a focus on customer service, operational excellence, and most importantly, exceptional people.

I invite all who are part of Nexans, including our employees, their families, our customers and our suppliers to join us throughout 2011 as we celebrate both our history as well as our future.

Here’s to the next 100 years!