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Completing a job safely, efficiently and with the least amount of effort are some of the most important factors in an electrician’s line of work, as these usually result in reduced time spent on site, reduced associated costs, and higher profits. When it comes to installing residential cables, the ease of pulling is crucial to getting the job done quickly and efficiently as most of the time spent on a job is pulling cables. As a result, a good quality cable that is easy to pull helps electricians perform their job quickly and efficiently. 

This is something we at Nexans understand. Through extensive research, development, and testing, we created an innovative product to make an electrican's life easier - CANADEX® NMD90.

Too good to be true? Watch the CANADEX® NMD90 video and see it for yourself:

Nexans Canadex® NMD90

Introducing Nexans Canadex® NMD90. The first cable of its kind. The last you’ll ever need.

Electrician Tests Nexans NMD90 Canadex® Compared to Other Cables

Check out why Nexans NMD90 Canadex® is an overall better cable for pulling and stripping compared to other cables.

New features for CANADEX® NMD90:

pulling cable through wooden studs
  • Faster installation; saving time and money
  • Pulling force is reduced by up to 30% according to independent laboratory testing
  • Jacket material’s reduced coefficient of friction significantly lowers the force required to pull the cable through wooden studs and also reduces the risk of jacket tears
  • More efficient with its ergonomic design


  • Easier to carry and store away
  • Compact and convenient to use
  • Safe to transport with its ergonomic handle that has excellent grip
easy-lifting handle for CANADEX 2.0
metre markings on CANADEX 2.0
  • Easily and quickly measure length of your pull with placed metre marks (one metre apart)
  • Offers precise cuts
  • Reduces product waste
  • Convenient to use
  • Innovative jacket composition significantly reduces the force required for stripping
  • Stripping force is reduced by up to 30% compared to the previous version according to independent laboratory testing (best performance of the market)
  • Exceptional cold weather performance (no degradation of strippability down to -25°C)
  • Instant reading of remaining cable length on the spool
  • Plan your pulls or next purchases more effectively
  • Full transparency on the environmental impact of products certified by an external body and easily accessible through a QR code on the product label
  • Instant reading of CO2 emission of the product on its label
  • Compare & select products based on their environmental impact

Now available in sizes 2C14 AWG, 2C12 AWG and 3C14 AWG and in colours WHITE, BLUE, YELLOW, and RED in 75m and 150m spool packages.

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