Cable sizing tool designed for electrical contractors, engineers, designers, and specifiers

What is EASYCALC™?

EASYCALC is dedicated to helping you size your wire and cable with references to the Canadian Electrical Code and the methods in the IEC international standards.

Simplify your ordering procedure...
To save you a few steps, the results are linked to product availability.

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EASYCALC™ in 4 simple steps

1. Fill in the basic data for your electrical system including:

  • amperage (A)
  • power (kVA or kW)
  • length of run
  • voltage
  • number of phases
  • power factor and
  • voltage drop

2. Select the desired cable type from a selection of cable families

3. Choose the installation method and arrangement such as:

  • in air
  • in conduit
  • in cable tray
  • underground, etc.

4. View the results


“ Correct cable sizing is essential for the safe functioning of an electrical installation. Using EASYCALC ™ you take everything into account. ”

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