Nexans extends the range of AC90 ISO-BX armoured cable for Canadian healthcare sector

Jul 1, 2024

The rapidly growing and aging Canadian population is generating a critical need to add new healthcare facilities across the country. Driven by massive public and private investment in the sector, more than 160 hospital construction or extension projects are already announced from now to 2030. 

In response to this critical demand, Nexans is excited to announce the extension of our AC90 ISO-BX armoured cable range made in Canada specifically for Canadian hospitals. This cutting-edge cable, compliant with CSA C22.2 No. 51 and CSA C22.2 No. 2556 standards, is designed to meet the highest demands of modern electrical installations. Offering unparalleled safety, efficiency, and performance, the Nexans AC90 ISO-BX is set to become a staple in the industry. Recognizing the critical needs of healthcare facilities, we have tailored our product range to support this rapid growth and development. 

The Nexans AC90 ISO-BX is a 600V armoured cable featuring either two or three XLPE-insulated solid copper conductors, an insulated green copper ground conductor, and a bare copper bonding conductor. This robust construction ensures maximum durability and safety, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. 

Why choose Nexans AC90 ISO-BX? 

  1. Insulated green ground: Designed for circuits requiring an isolated ground, this feature minimizes harmonics and ensures a low impedance path to ground. 

  1. Protection from electrical noise: Essential for critical or sensitive equipment, the cable reduces electrical noise and interference. 

  1. Ground loop prevention: Reduces the risk of ground loops and common mode voltages, enhancing equipment safety and reliability. 

  1. Cost-effective: An economical alternative to conduit installations, providing significant savings without compromising safety or performance. 

Where to use Nexans AC90 ISO-BX ? 

The versatility of AC90 ISO-BX makes it suitable for a variety of settings: 

  • Healthcare facilities: Ideal for patient care areas, ensuring safety and reliability. 

  • Dry locations: Suitable for both exposed and concealed wiring. 

  • Cable trays: Compatible with ventilated, non-ventilated, and ladder-type cable trays. 

  • Electronics branch circuits: Perfect for computers, cash registers, and other electronics. 

Nexans is proud to extend the range of the AC90 ISO-BX armoured cable, a product that not only adheres to the highest safety standards but also offers unmatched performance and cost-efficiency. Whether for commercial electronics, critical healthcare systems, or general electrical installations, the AC90 ISO-BX is the reliable choice for modern wiring needs. 

Stay ahead of your projects with Nexans AC90 ISO-BX, where innovation meets safety and efficiency.  

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