Introducing the Revolutionary Low Carbon AC90 Cable by Nexans: A Leap Towards Sustainability and Efficiency

Jun 3, 2024


In the ever-evolving world of electrical installations, Nexans sets a new benchmark with its innovative AC90 cable, uniquely designed to meet both environmental and practical demands. As the first Low carbon AC90 cable in Canada, it offers significant advantages in terms of sustainability anduser-friendliness.

Pioneering Eco-Design for a Low carbon Future

The new AC90 cable stands out as the first eco-designed variant in the Canadian market, boasting at least 10% CO2 savings compared to standard AC90 cables. This reduction in carbon footprint is achieved through new Nexans' premium compound which entirely redesigns the cable from its insulation to its armor. Additionally, the cable features a minimum of 14% recycled copper in its conductor, underscoring Nexans' commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency.

Superior Usability for Seamless Installations

Nexans has engineered the AC90 cable to be the easiest to use on the market. The cutting-edge armor profile ensures unparalleled flexibility, reducing the effort required to strip and pull the cable. This user-centric design significantly enhances efficiency and ease of installation.

  • Key features includeClear Stamp on the Spool: Immediate readability of cable gauge and number of conductors ensures accurate and swift identification.
  • Color-Coded Labels: Easy cable identification from a distance, streamlining the workflow and minimizing errors.

Transparent Environmental Impact Information

Nexans provides an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the AC90 cable. Users can access comprehensive environmental data at their fingertips by scanning a QR code on the label. The carbon emissions associated with the product are also clearly displayed, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their purchases.

Efficient length control with Volume Label Indicator

Managing cable usage is simplified with the bright markings on the inner label of the AC90 cable spool, which show exactly how much cable is left. This easy-to-read indicator helps professionals confidently plan their next installation or purchase, ensuring they have the right amount of cable for the job.


Nexans' new AC90 cable is not just a product; it's a leap forward that aligns with growing demands for sustainability and efficiency. By combining low carbon materials, superior usability, and transparent environmental impact data, Nexans delivers a cable that meets the needs of today’s conscientious and practical electricians. Experience the future of electrical installations with Nexans' Low carbon AC90 cable – the perfect blend of innovation, responsibility, and ease of use.

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