Mobiway Un’Reel

A 360° Self-Spinning Reel that helps you safely and easily roll, unwind and move cables.

The Mobiway Un’Reel solution is set to make cable installation simpler, smarter, more cost-effective and secure across a range of different low and medium voltage cables.

Mobiway Un’Reel Key Metrics:



Time saved during installation 30 - 50%
Less installation accidents 25 - 30%
Reduction of OPEX onsite (less resources) 40 - 50%
Time saved training new employees 25 - 35%
Man pushing Un'Reel forward


  • Available in 48 inch reels
  • Removable locking device to prevent the reel from rolling



1. EASY TO MOVE: One person can easily move the reel anywhere on the site.

2. EASY TO INSTALL: You can unwind your cable directly onto the reel without using the use of additional tools.

3. SAFETY FIRST: One person can manipulate the reel from anywhere on the site.  There is less risk involved when manipulating the reel leading to a reduction of musculoskeletal problems.

4. COST SAVING: Less resources and tools required.


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