ULTRACKER Connected Reels Tracking Solution

Our solution

Real-Time Location Tracking: Thanks to the Internet Of Things (IOT) these reels tell us where they are and help our customers track their fleet.

Stock Management: Thanks to Artificial Intelligents (AI) and Edge computing ULTRACKER tell us how much cable is still on the reel and helps our customers monitor their inventory in real time while improving working capital costs.

Project  Management: ULTRACKER allows you to monitor your connected reels in a given project. The reels  send alarms if someone is trying to steal them and keeps the customer updated with any potential issues, saving our customers thousands of dollar every year.

We have already successfully installed 20,000 connected reels worldwide, including more than 100 here in Canada.

Connected Reels Video with English Subtitles

How does it work?


First, we embed IOT sensors into our reels at the manufacturing facility

These devices integrate:

  • A GPS antenna similar to your phone or your car to get its location at different frequencies
  • A 3D accelerometer to determine the reel behavior and adapt the GPS frequency
  • A 3 year battery life, rated for extreme temperatures
  • A GSM (global system for mobile) antenna to get location and rotational data in real time

Our solution is based in the cloud. We use GSM networks such as 2G/3G/4G or 5G networks to send data to our platforms. We also use these networks to send alarms in a situation where the reels sense unauthorized movement. In Canada, we have partnered with Rogers and other local service providers for our connectivity.


We display location and distance data as well as other data including cable information, site contacts, project references on a SaaS (software as a service) platform accessible 24/7. We also display this information on dedicated mobile apps (Android today, iOs under development) for operators on site.  We believe that this solution should be as open source as possible and have developed APIs to easily connect our customers Information Systems onto the solution.

Our platform

The web platform allows our customers to follow:

  • the location of their reels
  • the remaining cable on the reels
  • the history of use and movement
  • stock levels site by site in real time thanks to advanced dashboards
  • alerts to protect against theft or to remind about overdue returns

The mobile app allows our customers, operators, or sub-contractors:

  • to connect to a reel
  • to follow the remaining cable and access product details on that reel
  • to update the length and cutting history
  • to request a reel pick up if construction has ended

They trust us

Enedis - Fluvius - SSE - Alstom

Our partners

ffly4u - Sigfox - Orange - Azure - LoRa

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